Communication and capitalization

The scientific results of SMART will be published in a range of high-impact, open-access journals. As a result of the project’s interdisciplinary nature, publications will cover several fields, which will give SMART wide visibility and impact. Team members will present results at conferences that cover a range of fields. Targeted conferences include: European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly, American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, and the International Association of Hydrogeologists Congress (IAH). We will make our results available to stakeholders outside the academic community to facilitate a wider-scale usage by presenting the outcomes of SMART via a number of outreach activities:

  • Joint GEOMAR / UoM website (stay tuned): It will provide information on the project, its aims, and results generated (also as Google Earth outputs) and methods used, as well as links to complementary initiatives
  • Social media: Facebook page and updates on Twitter and ResearchGate profiles to provide information on SMART activities, including online diaries, images and videos during data collection from on board the research vessels or in the field
  • Interviews and press releases: Communications to non-specialist media on field surveys and principal results
  • Public understanding of science activities: We will give talks and exhibits (brochures, posters, 3D models, multimedia presentations) at Researchers’ Night (University of Malta) and Night of the Profs (University of Kiel) and institutional open weeks
  • 2-day international workshop at GEOMAR: A cornerstone for internationalization will be a workshop in Kiel at which we will communicate the new insights arising from SMART to 50 invited representatives from national water authorities, environmental managers, enterprises and NGOs from Germany and the Mediterranean Sea. This workshop will showcase existing geophysical and geochemical technologies available in HGF and provide a forum for the development of bilateral and EU proposals
  • Half-day workshop at European Parliament: We will propose a SEARICA workshop at the European Parliament at which we will share SMART results with political representatives of EU member countries

Image: Bradley Weymer/GEOMAR